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I love you so please take care of yourself. 

This is so amazing I love this

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2015/07/18 – Wienwoche mit vielen Freund*innen und Regenbögen ♥
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This is my birthday plea to the indifferent universe. Help me fight apathy with beauty. Help me live a life I’m proud of. Help me find my army of fellow madmen and weirdos, so we can join together, in spite of the vortex, and make something amazing, something worth doing for the next 35 years.
Derek Powazek - 35
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The Double (UK 2013)
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There is something wrong with you.
And with everyone else.
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2015/03/25 — Music to be saved by.
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san francisco
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Existing is a fairly deliberate act for me
Aevee Bee
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Years and Years–King

Everything I do in my life, the furious amount of activity I propel myself into, is because at heart I feel completely inert, like I’m 100 miles from any human contact and totally alone and kind of comfortable and righteous in that place, but of course, that’s sort of a kind of depression. I need really high stakes to get out of that place. Hence, my entire career.
Miranda July
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