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Nature Loves Courage
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Tags: diary
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Show your hands
If you need a new coat of paint
If your bones are now heavy things
Like anchors hidden somewhere 'neath your skin

Or if your head's just an empty box
If your heart has become spare parts
If your days are now just something you must bear

Well, oh, it seems you're a lot like me
You dug yourself into places
You never thought you would be
But don't you fret, and don't you mind
The only constant is change
And you never know what you'll find

Yeah, tomorrow I might wake up nice and clean
And I might believe the things I said I didn't mean
And this might turn and wind up just the way we'd dreamed
And I might become the things I swore I'd always be

Well, we're always on our way
We're on our way

Radical Face—We're On Our Way
Tags: radicalface
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2016/05/15 – :3
Tags: diary
Tags: troye
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Tags: patrickwolf
and maybe in a hundred years we won’t be around any more, maybe yeah the planet will be a mess and we’ll all be dead, and if other people come from the stars we won’t be around to meet them and say hi! how are you! we’re people, too! you’re not alone any more!, maybe we’ll be gone

but we built robots, who have beat-up hulls and metal brains, and who have names; and if the other people come and say, who were these people? what were they like?

the robots can say, when they made us, they called us discovery; they called us curiosity; they called us explorer; they called us spirit. they must have thought that was important.

and they told us to tell you hello.

and i am not resigned
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Kira Kira–Ágústskot
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2016/04/14 – Gave Ben a big hug.
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2016/04/10 – A moment to preserve in amber.
Tags: diary
Hold me down, hold me up to the fire / But don't you dare hold me back
Radical Face – A Pound of Flesh
Tags: radicalface
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Patrick Wolf gig 2003
Tags: patrickwolf
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Kimya Dawson
The brightness and power of the atmosphere that Melissa and I have created between us supersedes whatever physical confines we place ourselves in. It glows beyond the walls, or maybe illuminates them from within, changing the appearance and the emotional quality of the architecture. We made a space. I didn’t know if we could do it and I wasn’t certain if it would be good, but we’ve lived with it long enough now that I have no doubt, and this is a revolution.
Khaela Maricich: Where are you
Tags: khaela
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