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Too proud for help, too scared to grow / Out of my depth and out of control

I long to be carried on / This once be lifted strong / Out of the loneliness / And the emptiness / Of the days

When the night is long / Trust all the years you'll wait to find / This man who's loved you your whole life / So come closer / Closer to where we belong

I showed you my ugly heart / Yet you did not surrender / Love me back to life

And in our first dance / The last thought: By chance / God had matched my soul

And I can do this alone / But we can do this so much better / Together / And I can make it alone / But we can make it so much better / Together

You come near / I see my future clear / And the threshold appears / And I am carrying you over / carrying me over / Into the best days of the rest of our lives

What brings you joy, will take your tears / You've been holding back too many years / But you were down and out of luck / Now side by side, we're looking up / Finally.
— Patrick Wolf–Lupercalia
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