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2015/07/18 – Wienwoche mit vielen Freund*innen und Regenbögen ♥
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2015/03/25 — Music to be saved by.
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Tags: diary
Tags: diary
Tags: diary
Tags: diary
24. Nov. 2011 - 02:21
Magst du dich nächste Woche vielleicht mal treffen? :)

24. Nov. 2011 - 02:22
hm...warum hast du mir diese frage jetzt gestellt....
und ich wollte mal schlafen gehen..
aber jetzt wäre das nicht mehr möglich...

p.s. ja.
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(New Year's Day)
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2011/12/31 – I just paid attention to the lyrics of that song for the first time, and suddenly I broke down violently. All the built-up social tension of the last two weeks poured out of me. The unfinished text and thoughts about Florian. The intense time with David. The frustrating, silly search. The user meetup. The drama with P. The emotional panel discussions with Mitch. All those people in the apartment, at the BCC, at Silverfuture, in Berlin.

"Kitten wants to hide under the bed", I wrote the other day.
"Sei dir bewusst, dass jemand auf dem Bett wartet", he replied.

I'm okay now. Twenty-twelve, here we go.
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2011/12/01 – I met someone and he's pretty damn amazing.
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2011/10/26 – Eine Person, die eine Weile lang der wichtigste Mensch in meinem Leben war, wurde heute von ihrer Mutter in die Psychiatrie eingewiesen – und ich denke, es war ziemlich sicher die richtige Entscheidung.

Sie war damals der Auslöser für enorm viel Positives in meinem Leben. Ich hoff inständig, dass sie den Weg in die Realität zurückfindet. Gute Besserung. ♥

Am Heimweg hatte ich selbst das intensive Gefühl, des dauernden Starkseins überdrüssig zu sein. Musik und die Ersatzfamilie haben das dann aber bald wieder wettgemacht.
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2011/10/16 – Is it the weather that's making me all sentimental and kuschelbedürftig? (Oh English language, you need to steal that brilliant word!)
Hours of trolling GR does not seem to surface who I'm looking for. Bah.
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2011/09/25 – For a few minutes there, I was wallowing in the feelings of farewell, feeling sorry for myself for an impending loss. My phone agreed, serving up one good-bye song after the other.

But fuck that. Let me learn and grow from losing them from daily life as much as I did from having their presence introduced to it. Let me turn "appreciating the present moment more" from a cliche into a habit. And most productively, let this be a milestone on the way to becoming a global nomad, with dear friends in all corners of this planet.
Let's reincarnate in changes always.

My friends, you wonderful people: Thanks for our time together so far. Now go and make London your own. I'll see you around.
Up, up, up.
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Frau Herz–Stormy Weather
20 months ago: Stumbling through fresh, knee-deep snow with this still ringing in our ears after her performance – happy.
(Shame she still hasn't released anything.)
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2011/08/19 – Personal development watch: Unsettlingly, I seem to not-hate going shopping lately (I fear that watching soaps on TV may be next). Relationship-wise, my ego has been inflated to a new peak. Camp was such an amazing experience. Can we start our big happy polyamorous cuddle family now? But at the same time: I'd really like to fall head over heels in love again.
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2011/08/03 – What keeps me sane: Loud music + rowdy bike rides + dancing, unwatched, on that final 10 minute stretch along empty city streets that I walk nearly every night. A valve for overwhelming/confusing/inconclusive emotions that always works.
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Scala & Kolacny Brothers–Creep  ♥♥

(Soundtrack to a kiss.)
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2o11-07-26 – Happy :)
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